Andrew Sousa

Founder & Company Integrator

Hey there! I’m Andrew Sousa. I am SM180’s Founder & Company Integrator.

What does my typical day in the company look like? On a typical day at SM180, I am looking over the whole team making sure that they are on top of their tasks, all numbers are being placed in for us to make sure we are hitting all numbers. I’m also on calls with new clients welcoming them to our team and making sure they have a successful launch and have an amazing experience with us!

What motivates me is helping the businesses we work with not only grow but helping them take things off their plate and their team’s plate and help them out for the long term. I get excited when businesses we work with actually grow month over month because of us and how much services improve their over all business.

During my free time, I like to read business books to help improve not only SM180 but what else we can look into to help the locations we work with improve their business. If I’m not learning you can catch me at the gym or playing some videos games! (Yes videos games lol)

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