SM180 University

Master the Process of Leads and Follow up

Learn the 7-Step Process from our most successful campaigns using the money-making First Place Follow Up System.

  • Marketing – Tips and insights from our top clients’ most successful campaigns.
  • Appointment Setting – Create the perfect script and know how to hire the right people to follow up and call your leads.
  • Branding – Become the “Grant Cardone” of Cryotherapy and Fitness industry
  • Marketing – Tips and insights from our top clients’ most successful campaigns
  • Sales – Build a system that will skyrocket your monthly sales. Social Media Advertising – Get your ideal customers knocking on your door.

Sample Training Videos From SM180-U

Google Adds Training

Facebook Adds Training

SM180 Videos


SM180-U was created to help cryotherapy business owners build and run automated systems in order to thrive in their respective industry.

  • 10X Mindset – Learn about how your 10x mindset takes your team and business to success.
  • Digital Marketing – Understand how to dominate the social media space and be on top of the competition.
  • SEO Marketing –Learn how to use Search Engine Optimization with your ads to get your ideal customers know about your business.
  • Facebook Ads Training – Setting up your Facebook Ads Manager; Learning the ins and outs of it, and running it properly so you don’t waste your ad budget.
  • Lead Conversion Tactics –Learn the most successful steps and strategies in bringing your online leads right at your doorstep.
  • Turn Traffic into Money Using Landing Pages – Learn how to set up, design and manage your landing pages to convert leads from Facebook and Google.
  • First Place Follow Up System – Master the process of how we generate thousands of leads and turning them into paying customers for our clients.

7 Modules; 55 Lessons

The Real Escape From Being Stuck With Your Business Bottlenecks

Over the past 3 years of experience in bringing the largest cryotherapy and fitness businesses and franchises into a whole new level of success, we have learned how to exceed the expectations of our clients. We totally changed their perspective towards Digital Marketing. SM180-U is the same exact process we run internally to produce top grade employees and deliver successful results. Now, we are sharing it with you. Take the course now and bring success to your team.

What Members Says About SM180


Team Training

Turn your cryotherapy business into what you have always dreamed of it to be.

Every week, your account manager will meet with your team to discuss all the issues that you’ve gone through. The weekly meetings will include role playing and training in handling the most difficult objections your employees have met. This allows us to help your team have a higher closing rate. We also provide “million dollar” scripts to get you to the path to success. You as the manager of the team will have a dashboard in our CRM in order to track your numbers and see how your business grows in sales and appointments month by month.

You can’t stop learning. Keep pushing yourself and your team to get better at everything they do every single day!

Recommended Tools and Service

As you learn more ways to get your business growing constantly, your team will be able to work efficiently to get impressive results for your business even without your presence.

We will train you with all the time-saving and money-making software, tools, and apps that we use for our cryotherapy and fitness clients to get their systems automated.

We have partnered with these companies in order to get you set up and have exclusive deals for our clients and SM180-U members!


Live Weekly Coaching Call

Each week, the SM180 founders Andrew Sousa and Salvatore Steffano who are responsible for generating millions of dollars worth of sales for our clients will run a coaching call with you.

This is where they discuss with you your campaigns and recommend better strategies if there’s something that may not be working as well as you’d like. The coaching call will be laser-focused on your bottlenecks and what could be improved to to keep getting better than where you’re currently at.

Every coaching call session will be themed in a particular category such as sales, marketing, advertising etc.

Want a flood of qualified leads that actually convert into memberships without one offs?

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