Whole Body Cryotherapy New Lead SMS campaign

There are many business owners that are still struggling to grow their revenue. Some of the strategies they have tried include social media, SEO, and other traditional marketing tactics. These efforts have led some companies to experience booked appointments but not quality leads. That is why we decided to create a First Place Follow Up System. We built the First Place Follow Up System so that anyone in our team can respond to their leads within 5 minutes and turn them into paying customers. This system is all done-for-you. You don’t need extra staff or training time for this task alone because we take care of the whole process from creating ads, generating leads, up to booking an appointment for. With FPFUS, we are able to do more than just sending you a lead’s contact information. We have the tools needed to actually connect with people in real life through personalized phone calls, texts, emails and notes sent directly to their mobile phones! And all of this is done automatically without any manual effort required from your end. No more wasting time trying to figure out the best way to reach out. After implementing this system in your business for just one to two months, we can provide up to 35 booked appointments consistently every single month. Our clients also noticed an improvement in quality leads with more qualified individuals scheduling appointments for the Whole Body Cryotherapy service.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy has been around for a while but in the last few years it’s become one of the most popular cryotherapy services. Whole Body Cryotherapy is especially beneficial to people who are looking to reduce inflammation, which can lead to pain and decreased function. It also helps with post-workout recovery and an immune system boost.

Being one of the most popular services in the wellness industry, this allows us to generate a large volume of leads and booked appointments for our clients. From athletes, working individuals and even for those who just want to recover from tiring work, almost everyone can avail this service without any worries because it’s safe. Our Whole Body Cryotherapy Campaigns

Like any other campaigns we produce for other cryo services, our goal is to get as many booked appointments you can handle every month as possible. Here are some samples of our Whole Body Cryotherapy campaigns from our clients:

New Whole Body Cryotherapy Lead

Immediately after a lead opts in for a Whole Body Cryotherapy Service, our system automatically sends them a text to book an appointment date. If the lead does not respond, we send a second text message after 13 hours to check in with the lead and to confirm if they can attend their date of appointment. If the lead does not respond within 3 days after we sent them the last text message, our system will automatically send them another text reminder about the appointment. 5 days after, if there’s still no response from the lead, we send them another appointment reminder and ask them if they want to cancel their whole body cryotherapy appointment or if they want to be scheduled for another date.

This campaign allowed us to have a higher conversion rate because of multiple touchpoints. We don’t just send a text message to a lead and wait if they will show up to their appointments. We make sure that we guide them and answer all their questions before the appointment date and upsell them with other services that you offer.

We respond to leads within 5 minutes or less

Responding to leads within 5 minutes or less is crucial. That’s why we designed our First Place Follow Up System -to create an advantage against other marketing companies that don’t follow up with your leads, or don’t have a follow up system in the first place. Not only does this help you get leads but it gives us an 80% chance of converting a lead into a customer as well.

More Opportunities to Upsell

Whole Body Cryotherapy being a popular service gives us the opportunity to introduce your other services to large volumes of leads as well. We don’t stop with just booking appointments for the Whole Body Cryotherapy which they opted in for. We also maximize the opportunity to upsell other services and give our clients an opportunity to try out everything that you offer. We add value to your customers by explaining the benefits of different packages and giving them more than one option so they leave with more services to try.

This allows us to generate more revenue for your business.
For example:

A lead opts in for a Whole Body Cryotherapy Service, we introduce them to
1. Whole Body Cryotherapy packages (Gold, Platinum, Diamond) and optional add ons such as Infrared Sauna Sessions and/or BioMat Therapy Sessions
2. Upsell for additional services to current WBC clients. For example: Infrared Sauna Session, IV-Drip, Cryoskin Packages, Hydrafacial (this is an example only)
Whole Body Cryotherapy generates increased sales volume: We bring you quality leads that are already interested in your service thus bringing you sales practically without spending money on marketing or doing any other extra effort from your side.

25+ Booked Appointments in the door every month

The Whole Body Cryotherapy service being popular with people around the country, The leads we generate for our clients just go higher and higher. Up to this date, we’ve helped more than 20+ of the biggest cryotherapy businesses get consistent 25+ booked appointments in their doors every month. We make sure that the appointments booked are with only quality leads that enables us to turn them into members.

As the number of people availing Whole Body Cryotherapy increases, so does our opportunity to upsell other sessions in your menu. We offer a 5-minute response time and an 80% conversion rate from lead to booked appointments. With these statistics, you can expect more sales with less effort! Book a demo call today or call us for more information on how we can help your business achieve greater heights!

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