IV Drip SMS campaign

One of the most profitable campaigns we launched for our clients is our IV Drip Campaign. We have a follow up strategy in place that gives a positive impact on the quality of the leads we generate, and how quickly we close sales with them.

For IV Drip service, we generate leads through various channels like social media and online advertising. Once we get a lead, we call them within 5 minutes of receiving their information so that they know we are serious about helping them out.

We also try to answer any questions they might have about your services before the conversation ends, so that they feel confident enough to sign up for it!


Nowadays, in which a huge percentage of people in America are chronically dehydrated for not having enough water intake, IV Drips have become one the most popular services in the wellness industry for providing proper hydration and essential nutrients that everybody needs.

Our IV Drip campaigns are designed to resonate with customers who are looking to avail alternatives that will help their bodies achieve a healthier state.

Campaign Specials

We launch campaigns whatever type of promos you have in your list, with whatever service you offer. Our clients love how flexible and customizable these are, and how effectively they lead to conversions.

Here are some sample follow up sequence from the IV-Drip promo campaigns that we launched for some of our clients:

IV Drip Campaign $99 Birthday Special

A lead opts in for this Birthday Special promo and they immediately receive an automated text asking for their availability to have their IV Drip appointments done.

After a minute of sending the initial message, we send a GIF to pump up the mood of our lead.

51 minutes after the previous text message, another automated follow up text will be sent to the lead for a follow up.

13 hours after the previous message was sent a follow up text will be sent to the lead.

2 days after the previous message was sent, the lead will receive a text to follow up with the service they opted in for.

3 days after the previous message was sent, if the lead still doesn’t respond the lead receives a follow up sms from our system regarding a possible cancellation of their voucher.

5 days after the previous text message was sent, an automated text message will be sent to the lead offering another voucher.

8 days after the previous voucher offer was sent, the lead receives an automated message offering them a spot for another IV-Drip special.

An upsell rate of over 40%

By the time a client signs up for an IV drip service, we make sure that we maximize this opportunity by offering your other packages or services to them. This allows us to increase lead conversions of up to 40% and gives you a higher profit.

We use lead generation techniques that are best suited for your IV Drip service. Each lead, whether it is done through cold calling or social media advertising will be handled with care and attention to detail so that you get the leads at your door every single day.

Lead Nurturing

Unlike other marketing agencies, we are more than just delivering leads. Our goal is to consistently book a minimum of 25 appointments at your door. We deliver quality leads by nurturing them as soon as they opted in to your services. And we maximize every opportunity by upselling them to other services that you offer.

Sell an extra 10-35 extra memberships a month

If you’re stuck at 50-80 memberships and can’t seem to get past, we have proven that IV Drip campaigns have been a big contributor to selling up to 35 extra memberships a month.

We set up IV drip campaigns in such a way so as to allow you to see results within a short period of time. While your IV Drip campaign is running, we also focus on other lead generation techniques for us to generate more quality leads. By setting it up this way, we make sure you always have new leads coming through everyday and new memberships every single month.

Higher Quality Leads

If you have been dealing with one-offs and people coming in just for fun, we eliminate those for you. We make sure as much as possible that you only get leads that can really afford your services and become members.

Our campaigns are designed to generate high quality leads and if not, they are nurtured until they become ready to buy from you.

A whole follow up system that works month after month

You don’t need to do 10x the amount of work everyday to achieve your goal. We take care of that for you. With our First Place Follow Up System, you have a team of agents working hard to book appointments for you. We make sure that they call your leads within the first five minutes after receiving their information so that you can focus on what matters most; growing your business!

Saves you time and money

We handle all the follow ups from text, phone calls, emails and appointment reminders for you. Working with us frees you from having to follow up with all the leads and calling them all day. We maximize every opportunity using our appointment reminders to make sure that every lead will show up to their appointment.

No need to hire people to do the work of the whole follow up process because our team of Sales Agents will do all the heavy work for you.

When it comes to converting leads into paying customers, we know what your business needs. We know how to bring customers to your door every single month. That’s why our team is committed to providing campaigns that work and provide results with measurable outcomes so your business can grow in a profitable way. We offer upsell rates of over 40%, —all without any additional effort from you! Our follow up system also ensures that these customers will continue buying months after their initial purchase.

If this sounds like something you want for your cryotherapy business, contact us today and we’ll set a demo call for you!