Hydrafacial SMS sequence Campaign.

Hydrafacials are a little bit more expensive than other cryo packages offered by Cryotherapy businesses. But even though that’s the case, we still manage to successfully launch Hydrafacial campaigns that are targeted to those high-end leads in different locations.

We create Hydrafacial campaign that lets us generate leads who have something to spend on themselves. These individuals might be looking for luxury items such as skincare treatments or simply trying to find ways to relax after a long day of work.

As the number 1 provider for the biggest cryotherapy businesses across the country, we deliver profitable campaigns for services with big margins which allow us to generate even more revenue for our clients.

What is a Hydrafacial Service?

Hydrafacial is a noninvasive procedure that combines cleansing, extracting and hydrating the skin. The Hydrafacial method cleanses, extracts and hydrates your face without harsh chemicals or downtime in just one treatment session.

HydraFacial treatments are beneficial for both women and men who feel their complexions could use some rejuvenation due to sun damage, acne scarring or other concerns about dullness or dryness of the complexion. HydraFacials work by using vacuum extraction with microdermabrasion technology to cleanse deep into pores while delivering nutrients at varying depths within the epidermis (the outermost layer of skin). This process leaves you feeling refreshed with an immediate glow followed by long term benefits.

Our Hydrafacial Campaigns

Our Hydrafacial ads are proven to be a top performer in the industry.

We design specific ad copy that speaks directly to your potential client’s mind and heart, convincing them why they should give your service a try.

The images in our ads catches the attention of your target and even the verbiage we use resonates with your ideal client’s psychographics

Upselling Cryoskin Packages using Hydrafacial Service.

When we upsell our clients’ services or products using this campaign type for example, they tend to spend more than what was originally expected of them because they have more money to spend on other services you offer.

One 5-minute response with an offer like this can generate $700 in revenue if done correctly! That number may not be impressive but when multiplied by 5 leads per day out of dozens who have already expressed interest in your product/service, then you’re looking at serious profits. This amount will continue increasing as potential customers agree to buy the other packages you offer them.

These clients are willing and ready for a skin rejuvenation service such as Cryoskin treatments which means they will also be more open to buying other products from you in the future.

We found that creating customized Hydrafacials packages with upsells of cryotherapy services works best when it comes to finding new leads!

Exclusive leads for your business

We know how important it is to generate leads with high-quality intent when running an ad campaign on Google or Facebook. Our Hydrafacial ads guarantee leads that will end up converting into new clients added onto your roster. We create custom packages that dedicate 100% traffic towards your business which also allows unlimited leads sent directly at your doorstep every day.

How does our Hydrafacial campaign works?

Our team of experts use advanced strategies to design lead generation campaigns for your cryotherapy business. We manage all aspects from ad creation, targeting and running the campaign on Instagram, Google or Facebook.

Same as our other campaigns, we make sure that the leads we generate through our Hydrafacial ads are being responded to within the 5-minute window. As soon as the client enters our lead trackers, they get a phone call from one of our callers to get them booked for a Hydrafacial service.

Follow Up Sequence

Immediately after the appointment is booked, an automated SMS will be sent to the lead’s phone to confirm the appointment. This is where we also ask if they want to bring a friend to try your services as well.

1 day after the appointment is booked, an automated email will be sent to the customer’s email confirming the time of their appointment. There will be a 2nd email during this day to remind the customer of their appointment with your location.

2 hours before the appointment, an automated SMS will be sent to the customer’s phone dropping the address of your location.

27 minutes before the time of the appointment, an SMS will be sent to the customer’s email to check in with them. There will also be an email sent 25 minutes before the service starts to make sure that the customer will attend her appointment.

This means that the leads you receive will not be lost which gives your business a higher chance of converting them into new clients.

Best 5-minute response time in the industry

Our fast 5-minute phone call response sets us apart from our competitors since most businesses are struggling to answer calls within 5 minutes or even longer. 5 minute response time has been proven to be the best in terms of converting potential clients into new ones.

The 5-minute call sets a positive and trustworthy tone with your client which also shows them that they can rely on you when it comes down to getting their services done

Why is this important to your business?

We know how important it is to upsell your current clients with new products or services.

Our Hydrafacial campaign will definitely give you more chances of upselling your existing customers by reaching out at the right time. Their appointment has already been confirmed and they’re looking forward on coming in for their service. These leads have more money to spend on themselves which means that there’s a higher chance of selling them other packages as well without having to contact them again after their treatment. This saves your team from wasting energy, time and resources every single day trying to reach out to potential leads.

The Hydrafacial Campaign is a great way to boost your business’s profits. Not only does it saves you money, but it also has a unique offer that can be paired with other services for greater sales potential.

If you have a goal of selling extra packages and memberships every month, give us a call and we will set something up to reach your goal.

Want a flood of qualified leads that actually convert into memberships without one offs?

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