FB Buddy (+1) Campaign

The most profitable strategies for businesses do not always come from an expensive marketing execution or an ad placement that costs thousands of dollars. Sometimes, it’s a matter of being creative and consistent. Simple as asking an existing customer to bring a friend with them to try your services too. We know that this could be hard to believe but, our FB Buddy (+1) campaign is responsible for 33% of the sales we bring in for our clients every single month! Not only do we increase sales, but because of these 1st time customers getting to experience the amazing results of your cryotherapy services and packages, they come back as returning customers.

Our “FB Buddy (+1) Campaign” offer is one of the best examples for creating profitable business practices that are, at the same time, easy to do. It comes with numerous benefits and can be implemented in different stages of your business cycle. We want you to experience the same success that our clients are experiencing by implementing this strategy in your daily sales process!

Take advantage of every opportunity.

It is important to remember that your business should take advantage of every opportunity presented to it. By asking your customers if they want to bring a buddy, we give you the opportunity to send out marketing messages through text. We also give your business the chance to reach out to new audiences, which is perfect for you if you are looking to increase your customer base.

Spreading more awareness about your services.

If you’re feeling stuck in your business and aren’t sure what else you can do, why not try something that could possibly change your life? The FB buddy (+1) campaign lets our clients generate sales without having to spend any money on advertising or marketing efforts. By taking advantage of this offer, you give yourself exposure and let potential customers know about your company’s existence so they too can benefit from our services!

How the "bring-a-friend" offer can benefit your cryotherapy business

We consider the “FB Buddy (+1)” campaign as a low risk investment that can have positive consequences. It will increase your monthly sales because it has introduced a new type of client to your business. This campaign is also helpful in targeting other demographic groups who would not be aware of cryotherapy treatment due to lack of marketing or advertising campaigns. This can introduce a new demographic of people into your business that will be more open to the idea of cryotherapy as this is their first point of contact with it.

Target the "right" customers

Not only does this attract new customers, it can also help you identify your ideal client. You can help your current customers to feel more comfortable about the idea of cryotherapy by having them bring in someone that they know will be interested.

Builds Customer Trust

It increases your credibility by letting your customers know that cryotherapy business is popular and trustworthy, since they are getting lots of referrals from satisfied customers. When clients see they’re getting referred to by people who they can trust, it increases their willingness to try this new type of treatment.

Sales from Word Of Mouth

It will provide you with free advertising for all the people who come in because their friends are telling them about it. It helps to build stronger relationships with your existing clients because, on average, they tell seven other people about what they have experienced at your company.

This means you do not need to invest in marketing or advertising campaigns, which saves you a lot of money and time on administrative tasks. This creates loyalty between clients and businesses due to the fact that every client already has an advantage over any potential new client who walks into the store for the first time.

Increase low-season visits

This offer allows you to increase your customer base during the off seasons, so that you are able to keep all your staff members employed year round. This is also helpful for businesses with seasonal fluctuations in good weather. Your business will be able to stay afloat even when there is bad weather or less physical active customers.

Make more sales with minimum effort

It would only take 1 text to have the opportunity to make an additional sale. A simple message to your clients can go a long way in helping you promote your business and generate more customers in the door. This means that you don’t have to work very hard at all, we implement this strategy to all your old and new customers.

Saves you time and money

As we have stated earlier, the only thing you need to do is ask an existing customer to bring a buddy. There’s no need to spend any time or money on other marketing tactics. This should be an easy first step for any company looking for new customers because it doesn’t cost anything to implement and can easily be something that can be integrated into your existing business structure. And the best part is, if you’re already selling cryotherapy sessions, every one of your clients has already paid for this service! So there really isn’t any downside to asking them to bring someone else in so they too can receive the benefits of cryotherapy.

The “bring-a-friend” offer is a proven and tested marketing campaign that we are using to increase our clients’ monthly sales. We are 100% confident that this campaign will have positive effects on your business. Our team has done extensive research into how this campaign works and we would love nothing more than help make your business even better.

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