Direct Response Campaign for Whole Body Cryotherapy

Our Direct Response Campaign is one of the most successful campaigns that’s been tried and tested by our clients. Having a Direct Response Campaign not only is a crucial part of booking an appointment but it also allows us to capture a lead while “it’s hot”. This campaign is used to target people who have shown interest in availing your Whole Body Cryotherapy service. This is also proven to generate more quality leads in the door each day for your business.

How does our Whole Body Cryotherapy Direct Response Campaign work?

Simple and straightforward. When a person sees your ad on Facebook, Instagram, Google and other platforms, clicks on it and decides to sign up on our landing page to avail a Whole Body Cryotherapy service, They will receive a call and a text within 5 minutes during business hours to get that person booked in the calendar.

We know that the first 5 minutes is often the most crucial part of increasing conversion rate. Being able to capture a lead as soon as it presents itself can make your marketing campaign extremely successful and easy.

How do we capture a lead within 5 minutes?

We have a team of highly-skilled Inside Sales Agents that calls every single lead we generate. Once a lead enters, the information they provided automatically goes into our lead trackers. Each of our clients have a designated caller and lead tracker in our system. Once the lead enters these trackers, it will be available to call in just a matter of seconds. We invest on a minimum of one hour of sales training per day to enable our agents to become successful in booking appointments for your business.

Why is calling a lead within 5 minutes important in making a sale?

Leads are a valuable resource for any business, but they’re often hard to come by. Most businesses don’t have the budget or staff to follow up with leads quickly enough, and end up losing them forever.

On the other hand, the problem with most lead generation companies is that they don’t give importance to the crucial part of capturing a lead. Which is to respond as quickly as possible.

Responding to leads within five minutes gives you over an 80% better chance at reaching the client and getting them through the doors. In addition, it provides more time for deals to be negotiated between both parties before they jump ship and go somewhere else.

Our Call Center team takes care of all the heavy lifting for you.

Our team of highly-skilled Inside Sales Agents are trained to respond to leads within 5 minutes -which is the most ideal in our industry to get a qualified lead booked in an appointment. This allows us to capture the lead while it’s “hot”.
We value your business as much as we value ours. And unlike any other marketing companies who take days or weeks to respond back, we take this as a competitive advantage against them. We are confident that we provide only the best campaigns for you, your team and your business.

How does our Direct Response Campaign provide better results for your business?

More booked appointments

Since we catch the lead while it’s “hot”, there are higher chances of getting that person to get booked in your calendar. We don’t let another lead slip through the cracks – which only means, the higher the number of leads, the more booked appointments we accomplish for you.

Better Customer Service

Every business owner wants to keep their customers coming back for more. Our Direct Response Campaign lets your business provide great customer service by letting them feel that they’re important, their needs will be met and they are welcome. Having this campaign in your system shows your attentiveness to your customers’ needs as well as leaving a good first impression on these potential, new, or returning customers.

Your team does not need to worry about following up and calling leads.

If you have a small business, a lot of leads to follow up with can be a great challenge. Our Direct Response Campaign takes care of this problem by giving the leads to our Inside Sales Agents who have been trained to respond and book appointments with customers that can really afford your services. Your team will save time from having to make all these phone calls when leads are generated because we do it for you. We also take care of returning the phone call when a client is ready for an appointment.

This way, you can focus on other important aspects that need your attention in running a successful business, while our team takes care of your leads and appointments.

Save your time and money using our Direct Response Campaign

As we launch this campaign, you will be permanently free from wasting your time in following up with leads that sometimes don’t even convert.

We know that your goal is to grow your business. We are here to get you as much profit as possible without having to spend money in hiring more people to do the day to day follow ups. Our automated campaign gives you the power to spend more time researching for better ways to grow your business while your team focuses on getting more sales.

We do the work, you make profit.

Do your team a favor by letting us help.

Is your team spending more time than they should following up with leads? Are you not getting the results you want from your marketing efforts? Let us take care of that for you. We have proven to help Cryotherapy businesses increase bookings, provide better customer service and a better experience for both potential customers and employees.

Our Direct Response Campaign is designed to make it easy for leads to be booked right away so everyone can focus on what matters most – growing their business!

If you’re feeling like this campaign fits right for your needs, give us a call today and let’s set something up!

Want a flood of qualified leads that actually convert into memberships without one offs?

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