Anna Cabrera

Client Success Representative

Hey there! I’m Anna Cabrera. I am SM180’s Client Success Representative.

What does my typical day in the company look like? My responsibilities are calling leads whether they are new or for follow ups, setting up their appointments, rescheduling or cancelling appointments, answering their questions and appreciating their feedback. Aside from these all, I am attending meetings and role playing on time and being on top with the questions that we are assigned to answer every day.

What motivates me is the everyday learning that I am getting from my work, the enjoyment of my kids when I am able to provide what they want and to achieve my short term goals one step at a time.

During my free time, I bake (have my own little home baking business. I spend a lot of time cooking and going places with my husband.I am playing with my kids, doing some household chores, and reading.

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