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What is a Cryoskin session? What do you get out of it?

CryoSkin session is a non-invasive and pain free slimming and toning service that utilizes extreme cold temperatures to stimulate skin cells.

This painless way to slim down and tone up any area of the body without eating less or doing more than 5 minutes of exercise per day is the reason why it became so popular to the fitness and wellness industries.

The procedure uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the skin tissue below your outer layer of fat. Fat cells are then damaged and removed from under your skin, which shrinks your body’s appearance by smoothing out those unsightly dimples. With just 12 sessions over 3 months, some people have seen as much as 1 inch off their waistline.

The effects of a Cryoskin session are great not only for slimming but also for skin, blood circulation, and overall health. A cryogenic session lasts between 5-10 minutes with the client being exposed to temperatures as cold as -190 degrees Fahrenheit.

In this short amount of time, the body goes through an intense natural process that causes it to release endorphins, which have been also proven to fight against depression and anxiety. The sessions also reduce inflammation by lowering blood pressure levels while increasing oxygen levels in the bloodstream.

What are the other services included in the Cryoskin Package?

There are different services in the CryoSkin package which include CryoToning that freezes your skin to remove bumps or bulges. It also helps your body’s muscles to get stronger and control weight gain. And Cryoskin Facial which can help reduce wrinkles, pore size, and improves skin elasticity.

The Cryoskin Sessions will leave you feeling confident, rejuvenated, and refreshed in every session!

Our CryoSkin Session SMS campaign

How would it benefit your day to day sales process?

Have you ever thought about how much time and money you’ve wasted trying to find the perfect solution on how to get rid of all the stress of follow ups and texts on a daily basis? We all know that you tried working extra after extra hours just to keep up with all the piles of work, and at the end of the day, you still feel like the work you did was not enough.

This painless way to slim down and tone up any area of the body without eating less or doing more than 5 minutes of exercise per day is the reason why it became so popular to the fitness and wellness industries.

No person should feel like they’re the only one in the world!

Our SMS campaign system uses a proven process to eliminate all the heavy lifting of follow ups for every booked appointment for your business. It’s easy-to-use and allows anyone to create an effective automated SMS campaign without any coding or technical knowledge required.

We’ll even provide training so that everyone on your team can learn how it works quickly and easily.We offer this service to help your team become more efficient and productive.

“I get it, but why would I need it in my business if I have a team to do the follow ups for me?”

Well, our goal is to get you as many CryoSkin members and customers as you can handle every single month. Our campaigns are designed to generate tons of leads that turn into paying customers. Not only will this lessen your daily workload but it will also allow you to focus on things that really matter to you – time for your family or a relaxing vacation that you’ve been dreaming of.

Higher profit margins

As your business grows, you will need more people to work on your follow ups, texts, calls, and appointment reminders. This is one of the reasons why we have created a system that will automate all these processes for you. All the SMS campaigns that we run are automated. It takes care of all the tiring work of having to respond to all your leads. And the best thing is, you will never have to worry about hiring people to do your follow ups which will allow you to save more of your profits and invest in other matters that are important for your business.

Easy to sell

We make your CryoSkin packages easy to sell to any customer. This will not only make sure that you are constantly getting new members and customers but your current ones stay on board with no plans of leaving anytime soon.

Easy to set up with very little overhead

We were able to sell over 20k USD worth of CryoSkin packages using our automated campaigns. You might be thinking that this would cost you a fortune but it’s not! Every campaign we set up has very little overhead and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to set up. We will even train and give you access to your dashboard so you can see all the campaigns we run for you.

“What about the other aspects of my business? How would these campaigns contribute to it?”

The first thing that would directly help you with having these campaigns set up is getting higher profits. We will be the sales team of your business and we will handle all these automations for you. You will save more money and time, plus you would not need to worry about hiring more people to do all these follow ups.

Our campaigns allow you to become more than just a cryotherapy business. We have mastered the strategies of using SMS campaigns that will put you on top of your ideal clients minds. Different types of customers will come through your doors, especially those who are open to spending more than average!

As marketers, we understand the power of automation and how it can increase your sales. The CryoSkin Session campaign provides a great example of how easy marketing with automated text messages or emails can be for any company. It’s also an excellent way to get on-the-go customers excited about your product without them having to do anything but reply back with their contact information.

If this sounds like something that would benefit your day-to-day sales process, let us know! We will set up our system so all you need is monitoring which leads are coming in from these texts so they don’t go unanswered.

Want a flood of qualified leads that actually convert into memberships without one offs?

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