Exclusive Cryotherapy Lead that convert
to clients

We don't just sell leads, we sell booked Appointments

What Our Cryotherapy and Fitness
Clients Say About Us

How it Works

A lead clicks onto your landing page. Fill it with their names and contact number and submit.

One of our call center agents sees the new lead pop up in their lead tracker, calls them and book the appointment. If not, we will put them into our 2-year lead nurturing program.

Once the appointment is set, all your team needs to do is show up in the appointment and close the sale



Most Leads in 1 Day


Most Leads in 1 Week


Most Booked Appointments in 1 Month


Highest ROI


Monthly Adspend

We Turn Cryotherapy Leads into Paying Customers

Marketing Platforms
(FB, IG, Google)

New Customers

Appointments & Lead Nurturing

The Problem

Businesses will always need customers.

These agencies just put you deeper into the rabbit hole. Taking your money and leaving you with cold leads that never convert into paying customers. It makes you feel embarrassed, wasting your money and you tell yourself that you will never work with another marketing agency again

The Solution

We turn all the leads we get into booked appointments for you.

We will be the sales team of your company. Our Inside Sales Agents will be the ones to handle every lead from the first touchpoint, texting, following up, until booking the appointment. We don’t stop at generating leads, we stop when you close the sale.

Our Video Testimonials

Learn about the skills that are most useful in helping you to work effectively as part of team, and how this fits with Belbin's Team Roles.

Lead is Locked In

Businesses will always need customers.

Our Marketing strategies allow us to target your ideal clients in your location. We gather your old and new leads and ensure that the ads we put up attract new and exclusive customers every single month.

Tried. Tested. Proven to Succeed.

Our marketing strategies have always allowed us to deliver an extra 10-35 memberships or $20k worth of Cryoskin packages for our clients every single month. We use a fool-proof follow-up system that puts you on top of your ideal customers' minds.

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